About Us

......Perhaps it’s the fact that we’re a mother and daughter team, that makes it so easy for us to work together towards our vision for “The Raspberry Butterfly”. We both want to create a beautiful, simple shopping experience, in a store which offers all that you need for your cake creativity, in one location, at affordable prices. Our hope is to show everyone just how easy it is to create gorgeous cakes, cookies and cupcakes, if you have the right tools and ingredients at your disposal.  Our comprehensive range will suit any level of baker.

We have always been very enthusiastic amateur bakers who love to experiment with different themes and designs.  Unfortunately, we have found that it has been really difficult, if not impossible, to find the products that we have required to fulfil our vision. Either they just weren’t available in Australia or we had to really shop around at different stores and often pay exorbitant prices  It was becoming very frustrating.

That’s when we decided to “do it ourselves” and “The Raspberry Butterfly” concept was born. Our vision is to offer a one stop baking and decorating shop, where you can find that special product or colour to enable you to achieve the effect that you desire. We have scoured suppliers to come up with what we regard as a very comprehensive and exciting range of products, which we will continue to grow and expand as we recognise or you let us know your requirements. (Your feedback to us will be very important and we welcome your suggestions  and input via email or facebook).  Only quality merchandise at realistic prices will be offered at “The Raspberry Butterfly” and we have sourced  suppliers who are world leaders in their  craft. There will also be a section designed to help with inspiration and easy creation of our favourite cupcakes.

We are committed to our logo of “Simply Beautiful Baking and Decorating”  which reflects  exactly what we are aiming to achieve.  Why “The Raspberry Butterfly”?  Raspberries represent something that is beautiful to look at, delicious to eat, but quite individual and  unique. The Butterfly, as we all know, is an entity that has emerged after a long complicated process and is now complete, amazing and ready to fly.

Join us in our journey.
Lauren and Gillian